Unlocking the Power of Property Data

Property Data

With Parceled, unlocking property data for various property parcels is as easy as clicking a few buttons on your phone. But, why does this matter? Why is property data important? We’re here to answer these questions and inform you of the power of property data.

Why is property data important?

When committing to major investments, it’s important to use data to make informed decisions. The more informed you are about the details of the property and geographic area, the lower the risk of unexpected surprises or changes after committing to that investment. Property data allows you to learn all you can about a property before deciding if it’s worth the investment or not.

Property data not only allows you as a buyer and investor to make informed decisions, it also helps to understand the past and predict upcoming trends in the greater real estate market which will help with even more informed decision-making in the future!

What kind of property data can I access with a free Parceled account?

Property data details available with a free Parceled account include:

  • Property type and zoning — residential, apartment, etc.

  • County — location of property

  • Size — lot size and building square footage

  • APN — assigned by tax assessor for record keeping

  • Fips Code — to identify specific area of property

  • Year built — age of property

  • Taxes & value — rate of property taxes

  • Valuations — current and past economic value

  • Property data history — past owners, mortgages, etc.

What kind of property data can I access with a Parceled Plus account?

  • Owner details — email and phone number contact information

  • Rent estimates — broken down by unit type, if apartment

  • Household characteristics — age, education, race

  • Population — of area

  • Income — of area

  • Employment type — of area’s residents

  • Geographical information — nearby airports, schools, etc.

  • Occupancy — occupancy rate determined each quarter

  • Property tax — changes over the years

  • Crimes, safety, and other risks — natural disasters, crime rate, etc.

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