Parceled App Overview: Features and Uses


What is Parceled?

Parceled is revolutionizing the world of real estate with a cutting-edge mobile platform. Say goodbye to static property searches and hello to dynamic, on-the-go real estate exploration. With Parceled, you can unlock property data details like nationwide parcel map boundaries, property records, owner information, sale and mortgage history, and more. Our geo-locating technology seamlessly pinpoints your location, giving you instant access to nearby properties. It's the ultimate tool for informed investment decisions!

View Property Data Details With Parceled

Once you find a property parcel that you’re interested in, you can view a variety of different property data details to determine if it’s a good investment for you. Property data details on Parceled include:

  • Property type

  • County

  • APN

  • Fips Code

  • Year built

  • Taxes & value

  • Owner details

  • Valuations

  • Property data history


Additionally, Parceled Plus subscribers can view the following market data:

  • Rent estimates

  • Household characteristics

  • Population

  • Income

  • Employment type

  • Geographical information

  • Schools in the area

  • Occupancy

  • Property tax

  • Crimes, safety, and other risks

Contact Property Owners Directly With Parceled

Once Parceled users have found a property they are interested in, Parceled gives users the option to contact the property owner directly. Owner phone numbers and email addresses are available so Parceled users can inquire further about properties they are interested in. 

Save Parcels and Contact Information to View Later

With Parceled, it is easy to browse now and research later. With an extensive map of property parcels available at your fingertips, searching for new properties is as easy as clicking just a few buttons. Plus, you can save any properties you may be interested in so that you can research the property data details later! Similarly, you can save owner contact information to keep on hand for easy access at a later date.

Ready to get started with Parceled? Download our app now!