How To Get Free Parcel Data

In today’s world, we’re so used to being able to access anything and (nearly) everything at our fingertips. From restaurant reviews to world news and everything in between, it’s become so easy to find exactly what we’re looking for with just a few clicks on our phones. Why should searching for parcel data be any different?

With Parceled, the first on-the-go real estate platform, discovering information about available land parcels has never been easier. With the interactive free property line map, it’s easy to visually see the location where each parcel is located, thus making it easier to narrow your search. If you’re contemplating trying out Parceled for the first time, simply follow these four steps and let the ease and stress-free process of accessing free parcel data speak for itself. 

Download Parceled 

First thing’s first: you’ll need to download Parceled onto your phone from the app store. Whether you’re a real estate broker, investor, or lender, we guarantee this app is for you. With geo-locating technology to pinpoint your desired location, Parceled has a mission to allow users to navigate nationwide parcel map boundaries and other information so they feel equipped with the information they need to make real estate investment decisions.

Enter Location

Once you’re in the app and have created an account, you can either allow the app to use your current location, or enter the city, address, or zip code of the location you’re searching for parcels instead. Once you’ve entered your desired location, Parceled will pull up a free property line map where you can view several different parcels in the area. For information about a specific parcel, simply hover over the one you’re looking at and an information card will pop up at the bottom of your screen.

Review Parcel Summary

If you’re looking for even more information about the parcel, clicking the “Property Details” button will pull up an extensive list of parcel information. This list will show you geographical information like the type of property you’ve selected, the county it’s located in, and the lot size. If it is currently owned by someone, the list will also show you the current owner’s name and address as well as the taxes and value of the property.

Save Parcels of Interest

After you’ve read about the property, you can either contact the owner using the easy “Contact Owner” button in the list of property details, or save the location for later inspection. You can also use Parceled to share your watchlist and information about parcels of interest with your peers.